Maui by lolita

Our Story

In a world full of fast fashion, we are setting the new standard. Designed and produced on the island of Manhattan, this female black-owned mother-daughter clothing brand strives to make a difference in the fashion world. Creating bold designs for fly girls is not only our motto, but a statement we live by. Each of our pieces are made for those who dare to be different from the crowd, for the ones who refuse to be told what to do and what to wear. Our products are made in small batches so you can avoid those awkward ‘who wore it best’ scenarios. In Maui by Lolita you are sure to have a unique, show stopping look, ready for any room you enter.

MxL’s signature style includes lots of velour and grommets in as many areas as possible. You can see this trend throughout all of our clothing. From MxL’s further back roots in Lolita’s teen years to the success we’ve reached now only having been truly incorporated since 2020, you can see that as a mother-daughter duo we have found our footing in the industry. Our clothing perfectly matches our motto “For Fly Girls Only” as we focus on clothing that’s not only sustainable, but uniquely fashionable. 

This company started out in our guest room in Florida during a worldwide pandemic. Back then, we were doing everything ourselves. We were the models, the photographers, the web developers, the marketers, everything. 

The brand now has grown and garnered such notability as British Vogue, Marie Clare, Elle Slovenia, Rolling Stone (and more) features, as well as a NYFW, PFW, and Harlem Fashion Week debut in fall of 2022. Maui X Lolita’s success is built on the friendship and love Lolita and Maui have for each other. 

We believe that given the current climate of the world, MxL will be welcomed as a breath of fresh air from the fast fashion that’s been controlling the mainstream as a new wave of slow fashion is ushered in. 

Our Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision: To bring boldness and individuality to all walks of women and people worldwide. 

Mission: To provide sexy, functional, and fly fashion that feels like the truest expression of oneself. 

Core Values:

1. Providing a more than livable wage to employees

Maui X Lolita’s headquarters are US based to allow for employees to earn comfortable salaries and generous hourly pay. 

2. Uniqueness and integrity of designs

Maui X Lolita is built on unique and original designs and does not tolerate stolen ideas of any kind.

3. Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Maui X Lolita is a Black-Women-owned brand that values working with a highly diverse team.

4. Upward mobility

Everyone working within the MxL team have opportunities to improve and move up within the company given current opportunities available in addition to work ethic.

5. Accountability

All working within the MxL team must be personally accountable for the own tasks and responsibilities, as well as holding each other accountable to keep the workflow running smoothly. 

5. Respect

We promote respect as the pillar to having a healthy foundation for a working environment.

Our Commitments


Ensuring the reduction of our carbon footprint within the fashion
industry, Maui and Lolita have been sourcing fabrics from local NYC
vendors for the past twenty years and creating limited batches of
products to help eliminate the number of used fabrics and materials.
By operating in a made-to-order practice with higher quality fabrics,
MxL’s designs are made to last and produced with minimal waste.