Looking for stylish and comfortable loungewear for various occasions, from nights out with friends to cozy evenings at home?

Whether you're meeting your friends for drinks downtown, cozying up with your hubby on the couch, or simply pouring yourself a glass of wine and waiting for the sushi to arrive, glam up with our one-of-a-kind MxL luxe loungewear, guaranteed to keep you warm and feeling fly!

Are the MxL velvet tracksuits, suitable for both minimalist and maximalist styles?

Our velvet textures come in various patterns that will suit the minimalist or the maximalist in you. Our tracksuits feature patterns such as rich velvet gold, topped with a floral decadence of amaryllis and periwinkle flowers, cinched with our classic MxL tri-colored stripes that embrace your ankles and hips with a hint of sparkle!

Our two-piece set luxe tracksuits go beyond athleisure. Once our plush velvet touches your skin, you'll immediately feel like an empress in your own home or as regal as a duchess out on the town!

Are these tracksuits crafted with sustainable materials and high-quality details to ensure both comfort and conscience satisfaction?

Made with handcrafted excellence and sustainable fabrics, high-quality materials, and heavy-duty zippers, your body will thank you, and so will your conscience. Our tracksuits are designed to make any woman feel like a princess. Dress it down with some classic tennis shoes or dress it up with strappy black heels that will surely turn heads.

What did I just read?

Our Winter Collection for SS’24 showcases a range of fabric choices, spanning from deep Mars black to opulent Empress gold, each adorned with intricate detailing that is both rich in texture and comfort. Committed to sustainability, we use materials that make a positive impact on the world, and our dedication to handcrafted excellence guarantees the highest quality in manufacturing.

Elevate your style this holiday season by adding an MxL Luxe Tracksuit to your wardrobe. Versatile and luxurious, it is the perfect choice for staying in or stepping out in style!

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